What you should install even before munin-node

2015-05-18T17:16:30 BST │   Comment

When you're a SysOp and you've just been given a new system to administer one of the first things you should do is to plug it into your monitoring stack. But there is one thing that you can - and should - do before that.

I'm a Munin fan. It's simple, readable, flexible and I know exactly how it works from a technical point of view.
But one thing that's usually a bit frustrating to me is that when you plug a new system into it, it takes some time for the graphs to actually show something. At the beginning you just have few color pixels instead of your graph lines.
Also, it's a bit hard to read Munin-gathered data from a text terminal. At least for me, since I'm not really that much into rrd format.

That's why I recently started to install atop even before munin-node and nagios-nrpe-server. After installing it you should also issue /etc/init.d/atop restart just to make sure the daemon is running.
Whenever you'd like to see what was going on in your system, you can run atop -r /var/log/... to go through atop's historical log files.

It's a great, simple utility that makes investigating much easier and you can install it with at most two commands!

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